i am a technician (derogatory). buckle up.


i own two laptops!

the first is a macbook air named ryan (they/he). they run macOS. i use them when i'm forced against my will to write in java and also for my dozens upon dozens of documents pertaining to all the nonsense i get up to in my day-to-day. while i distrust apple strongly, i have much affection for my silly guy.

the second is a thinkpad t340 named gonk (he/him). he runs ubuntu and is used for most of my programming, running many a game emulator, and holds a variety of my attempts to build a stronger online prescense.

theater technology and other awful things

i'm a theater technician (derogatory). my favorite board is the digico s31; i like lighting design, sound mixing, set design, and a whole bunch more.

film projection

ham radio

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