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WebDev 'Til Brooklyn

07/04/23. 12:39 A.M.

Dear Future Self,

It's lighting and thunder outside. I added some stamps to the site hehehe :]

Tired. 'S all I got.



Workin' For A Livin'

06/30/23. 11:25 P.M.

Dear Future Self,

Hope it's goin' well. Yesterday my grandmother brought over kale soup and this week my dad made me mashed potatoes.

I am still not sleeping well, hopefully will improve. Ordered some redbubble stickers as a treat.



Tired of Waking Up Tired

06/16/23. 12:31 P.M.

Dear Future Self, I Hope This Finds You Well, I AM SO TIRED, took out my stitches, ahhhh.

Little Kindnesses

06/11/23. 12:59 A.M.

We find our subject on their computer, like an idiot.

Dear Future Self,

I can already tell my typing style and capitalization will not be consistent. But I just finished editing this page, so it exists now! i hope to do this often. Not every day of course-- but when I remember.

Today went great. I had work-- mildly annoying, because injured finger, but no big pain! I listened to a bunch of Bennetarium episodes, which was nice. Mostly because I got super excited about some lore stuff :] I would listen to Bryan Barbarin read the phone book.

Then we went to my best friend's graduation party, which was so fun. I got to catch up with everyone and it was great!

Been working on the site for a few hours. Conking out now. Goodnight!

A Strange Journey

06/09/23. 10:33 P.M, or so.
note: entry written before this page was created.

dear future self,

today was a rollercoaster! i woke up around 1 and finally got access to my site back, so i spent two hours or so reworking this place to make it look nice. then I had some soup for lunch and went to work.

at work, all was well until I CUT MY FINGER ON THE TOMATO SLICER!!!! favorite manager sent me home and mom took me to the ER. three stitches and some glue!! it hurts, but mom listened to me explain allll the SPG lore, which really meant a lot to me. she’s a great listener. she asked about four walter a bunch!! i also explained about why the Penyaks mean so much to me, and she really got it, which was nice. I always feel so silly about that.

then we went home, and The Siblings got me mango boba so i would feel better. it was very very nice of them!! dad also stayed up to make sure i was okay. overall I’m feeling very lucky about my family!!

hello, world!

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